This blog is a resource I created for a monthly meeting of the Monticello, MN Camera Club. Each month people in the area meet to discuss, learn and share their interest in photography. If you are interested in learning more about the club here is a link.

Others interested in Macro Photography will hopefully also find this page useful. When discussing equipment formats I will try to be as generic as possible, although since I shoot with Canon equipment I will mostly reference Canon lenses and cameras but will try to incorporate my limited knowledge of Nikon equipment when appropriate.

The ‘The Basics’ pages cover some of the techniques used in Macro Photography, while the ‘Equipment’ pages describe some of the equipment commonly used. The Gallery section is a small selection of Macro images I have captured to show the variety of things you can photograph. A lot of people associate Macro Photography with bug or flower photography, and while those subjects dominate, primarily because they are interesting and available subjects there is a lot more you can do when you start looking around. Lastly the ‘Blog’ section is where I hope to go more in-depth on some subjects and just use to put up an occasional picture or two.

A big portion of the allure of Macro Photography is that it helps you view the world in a different way. The small becomes your subject. An example of this is the picture in the header of this site, it is a section of a sea shell that is just over an inch long.