Point & Shoots

Point and shoot cameras don’t have the ability to shoot 1x and larger magnifications by themselves, but can still be used for a variety of close-up applications. Most P&S camera today do have a macro mode that shifts the lens around a little bit to allow you to focus closer. Here is an example of my Canon G10 with and without the macro mode.

w/o Macro Mode 1:14 Magnification

w/ Macro Mode 1:5 Magnification

 Some of the larger point and shoot type models actually have filter threads on their lens. With these models you could in theory add a reversed lens to get magnification at 1x or larger. The problem with that is if you are shooting macros with a point and shoot it is likely you don’t have a SLR or other lenses sitting around. Also if you did find one small enough to match your filter size you would almost certainly get some vignetting.