Using a tripod is a good idea at all levels of photography, and it becomes essential in macro photography once you start getting into larger magnifications. For macro photography where you are often photographing insects or plants down low having a tripod that can be set to a low minimum height or one with a cantilevering arm can be a big asset.

Here is a Gitzo tripod that has a center column that can be tilted and rotated to achieve unique shooting perspectives. In this picture it has been flip all the way around to get the camera close to ground level.

Various types of clamps or holders are also available and can make your life a lot easier. A popular one is the Plamp. It can be used to hold anything from a flower to a diffuser.

Beanbags are another method to support a camera either on the ground, or on an uneven surface such as a fallen tree trunk, or a rocky beach. Handmade beanbags can be filled with a variety of materials, while commercial beanbags are often filled with gravel, sand or even corn.

In addition for studio work a copy stand can take the place of you tripod and make your work a lot easier.

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